Brain puddle

It's hot. You don't believe me? Look at the dead cat on my desk. Now you might say I don't have as much fur as he does, so I don't have the right to complain, but 1. I never showed you my arms and 2. I don't lie around on my desk like this. Instead I try to blog which I haven't done all week, shame on me.

My brain is in a puddle on the floor and my body moves out of habit. The results are not as good as one could have hoped for on a long weekend. At least I haven't been all inactive. Once again I convinced myself I needed to work on my stash. All those beads left over from other projects were getting in my way, all the little plastic bags with one, two, ten beads in them. These little crochet flowers are perfect to use them up.

Part of these pendants will go to a daycare center, as little gifts for the girls. Some others will be listed in my different shops ... once I have taken more pictures, that is. This could take a while.

And of course I'm not done yet. There are more little bags, more orphaned beads ... more flowers?

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