Cuppa tea?

I am still working hard on turning those spare beads of mine into jewelry. I'm proud to pronounce a first success ... I am out of beer! Quartz, I mean. Beer quartz. The last bead went into this piece that reminded me of a camomile flower after I had finished it. Granted, camomile usually doesn't sparkle that much, but when wearing them on a necklace they also don't last that long.

It can be found in my shop now and I'm off to look for more stray beads ;-)


  1. Ooh, it does look like a camomile flower - very pretty. I like the name 'beer quartz', it certainly suits the colour.

  2. Thank you, Kitty and Laney!
    Hm, Kitty, think I should have called it "Drunk Camomile"? ;-)