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If a man ever aged well, it was Cary Grant. Yes, you already know I'm a fan, so be prepared to see him in the weekly quotes much more often.
This was Grant's last movie. Some people say it's no wonder he stopped filming after this movie. I happen to love it, and I don't care what others say - and the reason is Cary Grant.
The love story doesn't really interest me that much, but the way Grant aka business man Sir William Rutland handles everything around him in his typical charming way - no doubt, he makes this movie.

It's 1964 in Tokyo during the Summer Olympics, rooms are scarce and Sir William has arrived too early to claim his room in the hotel. So he moves in with a young lady who wants to help out for a while, and if that's not enough already, he picks up an athlete and rents the other couch to him.
The best scenes are the morning scenes. Three people, one bathroom and a tiny kitchen? Hilarious if you only have to watch and not experience it yourself! ;-)
My favorite quote appears in the argument about whose bathroom time it is:
I know it's my turn. If I had my glasses, I could prove it.

What do we learn from that? Always have your glasses on you!

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