I'm doing good

It's true even if I say so myself, and yes, it's still about my stash.
Those little flowers are so addictive and so versatile, I think they'll stay with me for quite a while.
Now if I could only be so good about taking pictures and listing! For that I always have to give myself a real good kick.

Just now I put my to-do list next to my computer again, a new one. The trick is not to keep the old one, cross out things you have done and add new ones. The more you have crossed out, the more you have the feeling you have already done enough, even if it took you weeks. Hm, of course it's possible this is just true for me, however I feel good about making a new list, as neatly written as I can do it, it's giving me the urge to tackle some of those things.

So yesterday it was editing pictures and listing first. Oops, just had to add another thing, the new Starving Artist Team's challenge. And another one that should have been on the last one already. If it keeps going like this, I'm afraid I'll need a bigger piece of paper!

To give me the small feeling of already having done something, let me show you my latest flowers.

There is this little bracelet. These flower charms are made from black beads with a rainbow shine and riverstone.

This one took a lot longer, but is also my favorite one, maybe because of the happy colors, maybe because it says "flower child" and maybe because it worked out at all ;-)
I made the flowers from yellow cat's eye and - yes, you guess right - riverstone, then crocheted them together, added another round to make it sturdier, and then I went through each single cat's eye bead with a wire again, so they would sit right and to minimize the danger of them falling off. After all a bracelet hits a table much easier than earrings or a necklace. Unless you are like me of course and like to hit your head on the desk if things are not going the way you want them.

Let me have a look at my to-do list now. Uh-oh, 17 points still ....

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