Tackle that stash - Wire knit necklace with beads, beads, beads

WIPs. We all have them. They lurk in drawers and in boxes and in our mind telling you to finish them or at least make your mind up about ripping them apart.
Sometimes it's not even about being stuck, but about patience or being bored with a piece. Heck, sometimes it is just a missing clasp!

A few years ago when I went on a stash busting mission from time to time, I created my "Pebbles in the Stream" necklaces. I mixed up leftover beads that went well together and added them to a wire knit base.

For this one I didn't use leftovers, though. I got all of those beads together in a mix and found it unnecessary to add more. The new JAC challenge being about ... oh, wait, I don't want to give anything away yet.
Do you want to know why this stayed a WIP for a while? The neckwire. That did take a while to weave through the stitches. Told you, sometimes it is just the little things.

This "Little Pebbles" necklace made it into my DaWanda shop now if you want to know more details.


  1. What a great stash-busting idea!

    1. Thank you. And I'm never sure myself how it will exactly look in the end which is fun.