Time for a makeover

This month's subject for the JAC blog carnival is "Improve your shop".

Of course my first thought went to my pictures. Quite a while ago I had pulled a few, erm, several, erm, many items from my shop to "eventually re-do the pictures". Taking and editing pictures is not something that's done that quickly, however, and so I kept looking at the tab "Unlisted items" with a feeling of guilt and doing what I am best at, procrastinating.

Even now that this theme choice finally gave me a kick I'm still not done, but I have been working on it step for step, and not only is it a good feeling, but it gives my shop are more consistent look because I don't go all wild with backgrounds anymore.
Also I took the chance to
- rip up old pieces that don't fit in anymore ... a little sad, but also kind of a relief
- check pieces for possible mistakes that escaped my eye earlier, no matter how long I worked on something
- change pieces ... sometimes you need to clear your mind for a while, and when you have another look then, you suddenly realize that this would be a much better bail or that an extra dangle would be just the right twist

It takes time, yes, but it's worth it.

When I browsed through my shop like that, something else suddenly caught my eye. For several reasons I haven't worked in clay in a long time, and for several other reasons I don't see myself changing that in the near future. Instead the bead looming took over a big part of my creative ventures.
And that meant that my banner was wrong because it still said

Hm. Take the clay out and put bead loomed in? Wouldn't that imply bead loomed sculptures as well, though? Finally I decided that it was best to stick with just the name.

The name is another thing. Change it to Cat's Wire and Loom? On the other hand I started to do a bit of off loom beading, who knows where this will take me? Cat's Wire and Loom and Beads and Fabric?
No, my name stays.
You can see the new banner here on my blog. Just my playful kitty and a name.

I'm sure there is more that can improve my shop, but I can't and won't do it all at once. Usually these things end badly, in confusion, chaos and anarchy! ;-)

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P.S. I chose one example of an old picture and a new picture. I sure hope you'll see the difference!


  1. Updating the studio is a lot of work, but so worth it once it's done. The new photos look great and I can see why you updated your banner as the direction of your work has changed. I'm so glad you kept the playful kitty! It makes me smile every time I see it and it's very recognizable which makes it good for your branding.

    1. I would never let go of Denis, the cat!
      What I love is that you can now add a favicon on Blogger, that means in my bookmarks and on the tab if one of my blogs is open, you see a tiny little Denis instead of the Blogger B! :-D

  2. I like your new photos too. Isn't it funny how you didn't realize your banner no longer reflected your work? I think I'm going to consciously make an effort to every so often look at my shop with fresh eyes.

    1. Thank you!
      Here in Germany we have a word for that "betriebsblind", literally translated as "company blind".
      If you have been used to something for too long, you don't see it anymore. Sometimes it helps if someone else tells you, sometimes you get a kick like I did from this blog subject.

  3. I love your black background, but ypu know that already. I am glad that ypu stuck with cats wire as that is who you are to me- whatever you do. Xxx