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This quote is dedicated to my sister who was smart enough to videotape this series when it was on TV many years ago. It was one of those short-lived shows that are shown in the middle of the night, and maybe you are lucky to stumble upon it and get hooked before it's over. She got hooked and I want to thank her for that.
You can find some episodes on YouTube, but although I don't seem to be the only one who'd love to have this on DVD in good quality, chances are more than slim.

Bakersfield, California. A Washington cop has just moved there for personal reasons and he finds a police department that is very, very different from what he used to know ... a captain who completely depends on his sergeant because he has a hard time to make decisions, a naive young partner who takes much of his experience from TV crime series, the tough, but not all that intelligent cop and his caring, soft-hearted partner, and a bunch of, erm, interesting criminals and problems like that clown ... you have no idea what a clown at a burger place's fest can do to a town. Chaos and anarchy, not to be taken lightly.

Captain Stiles: I am trying to tell you something. We are sitting on quite a bit of dynamite here and you are the burning fuse!
Sergeant Hampton: What the Captain and I are trying to make clear to you is the explosiveness of the situation.
Captain: My friend, you have great power over the people her, and I'd like to know how you intend to use this power.
The clown stays silent.
Captain: Does this man talk, Phil??
Sergeant: Yes, Sir. Mimes are silent, clowns ...
Clown interrupting: That's not true. Some clowns talk, and some honk. I can do both.
Captain (to Sergeant): So he can talk after all! How lovely! Tell me then, erm, Dave ...
Clown: Hoho.
Captain: Ok. Hoho. Are you going to make trouble today?
Clown: The traffic, that's your problem. You either charge me now or you let me go. It's my job to entertain people.
Captain: We are just talking.
Clown: That is discrimination of a clown. Why is the Chicken not here?
Sergeant: The Chick doesn't want to perform at our main street crossroad.
Clown: Because he is lousy. Just like the Pirate.
Captain (alarmed): The Pirate? Phil?
Sergeant: I will check that, Sir.
Captain: Now listen closely, Mr Hobo or Hoho or whatever you call yourself. Okay. You and your big clown feet stay on the Los Burgers premises, if not you are back here so fast you'll wish you'd have joined the circus!
Clown: I wanted to join the circus.
Captain: What?
Clown: They didn't want me.
Captain: I'm sorry, Sir.
Clown: Go to hell.

Bakersfield, P.D., USA, 1993 - 1994

P.S. This time things are a bit different. Usually I have the English and German original for both of my blogs or I have the English original and translate it into German. This episode however was not on YouTube and I only have the German dubbing. Forgive me any mistakes, I'm not a native speaker, also I can't know if the text was changed much for the German version.

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