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1941. A British bomber is shot down over Paris. The airmen arrange to meet at the Turkish Bath and parachute down.
One of them lands on a house painter working high up on a building. He promptly drops his bucket of paint on a German officer. The other one lands in the zoo where the zookeeper gives him new clothes. The last one ends up on the roof of the Paris Opera and gets to meet the conductor (not on the roof, though).
The adventure begins.

One of my favorite scenes - which isn't easy to pick because there are so many - is how Stanislas Lefort, the conductor, is introduced. Let's say he's not exactly a person who is easy to handle ...

The orchestra is playing and Lefort is conducting passionately. Then when the piece is over, Lefort speaks to the orchestra:
Thank you, gentlemen, that was very good. I'd like to say it was even excellent! (The orchestra is applauding.)
I have to thank YOU. It's my turn to thank you.
You over there, that was rather good.
You there were a bit cheesy, so-so. One can live with it.
You there ... say, I don't hear anything from you. One can hear absolutely nothing. You do blabber and chatter incessantly instead. (Players going "oooh" defensively). Yes, you do chatter.
I have my very own idea of this piece. It was not triumphant, not imperious enough. My god, that's not so difficult, is it. Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-zang-ba-ba ... It is really easy. Not as much ni-ni-ni, put a bit thought into it.
It's wasn't just incredibly bad, it was lousy.

Sheesh, I'm glad I gave up the violin before I ended up in an orchestra like this!
Seriously though ... no, you can't be serious with this movie. It's brilliant, hilarious and an absolute must watch in my opinion.

Don't look now, we've been shot at, France/UK, 1966

P.S. I had no way on finding this scene in English and I couldn't translate it directly from the French original as my school French has locked itself up in a tiny chamber in my brain out of where it allows only one or the other word from time to time. There are different German versions, and I just picked one to be able and bring this scene to you.

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