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Have you ever wondered where you will be in your old age? Well, me, of course I imagine myself in the same place with three to fifteen cats, loads of books, DVDs - here's hoping there will still be players for them then - and looking like a crazy lady with long, grey hair that floats around my face like a big cloud ;-)
Of course we never know what will happen that changes those images we have of ourselves. Accidents, a disease, or some banker will spend our savings in a nanosecond on some high risk investment. In that case we might have to come up with an alternative plan to save money.
Or maybe we'll suddenly feel the urge to change our lives, meet new people, new cultures.

That's what the people in this movie do. They come from different circumstances, they go to Jaipur, India for very different reasons, and India affects them in very different ways.
One of the reasons is this one ...

Evelyn: How do you come to be in India?
Douglas: Oh, er ... I invested our ... well, my retirement money in our daughter's internet company. She assured me that as soon as the start-up actually ... started up ... and the conversion from actual to virtual became sufficiently viable ... then she'd be able to pay it all back.
Evelyn: I'm not sure I understand what most of these words mean.
Douglas: It turns out neither did she.

I'm not quite sure I see myself in India with my three to fifteen cats when I'll be old, but I am sure that I enjoyed this movie a lot!

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, UK/USA/United Arab Emirates, 2011

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