Once in a while friends will share something with you. A picture. A quote. An idea. It's meant well. It's inspiring. The problem starts when you indeed do get inspired ... and then can't stop. You want to really get it right, and you want to show each and every new attempt, always waiting for the moment people get so bored that they stop talking to you.
Ok, this is not meant completely seriously of course.
I'm always happy if something makes a friend think of you, and if I turn it into an obsession, that's my own fault. It's like when you have learned a new technique and you forget everything else for a while.

My obsession are Chinese Lantern flowers at the moment. 

Photo by Rüdiger Kratz

It's not all I do. I was very busy making new samples for the Z Box. I started working on some of the old pictures in my shop (you'll hear about that in this month's JAC blog carnival, though). Unfortunately I can't claim I emptied the dishwasher yet or folded my t-shirts. Well, I could claim it, but it would so not be true.
Instead I worked on version #3 of my Chinese Lanterns. The first two ones were rather small, done in silver colored copper wire, with large red glass pearls.
By now I had googled for more pictures, though, and this one came up on German Wikipedia (thank you, Viola sonans for sharing it).

I decided to get a few red agate beads and use my copper wire in the color the company calls warm gold, but that looks almost like pure copper wire, only it won't tarnish.
These are a few pictures of the result.

I hope you'll still be talking to me, even if I'm boring your brains out of your heads.
And to the friend who is to "blame" ... thank you, this is really fun (much more than taking care of dishes or laundry! ;-)).