Raspberry and honey

I'm not the cooking type, just in case you expected a fantastic new recipe for dessert now, sorry.
It does sound good, doesn't it?
I'm talking about colors, however. Let me show you one of my latest pieces and tell you how it "happened".

I love color lined crystal seed beads, and one color that has grown very dear to my heart is raspberry. To make these beads even more fun, they also have an AB finish. Seriously, they look good enough to eat. Without knowing my crush on them a friend gave me a tube for my birthday, in a bigger size than I use for looming, so instead I began to knit a rope, with a crochet hook as always of course.

When I had finished the rope I felt that something was missing, something to compliment the light golden wire that seems to make fine stripes in the rope. I asked myself what beads or cabs I had that would go well with it and came up with my faux amber cabs.
I knew I had one that was very light in color, reminding me of that creamy Canadian honey that was a special treat when I was a child. The pyramid shape made it even more interesting. I tried it this way and that way and decided that alone it was not big enough for this rope, so I picked out another cab in a dark honey color for contrast.
While the light one got a simple bezel that wouldn't distract from its shape, I picked up the raspberry color in the bezel for the dark cab again by adding two rows of smaller beads which gives it a slightly flowery look.

It's available in my Zibbet shop now.


  1. Luxurious! The rope is just delicious, so incredibly neat, and with great colours.