Spring plans

This month's JAC blog carnival theme is spring plans. I have been thinking back and forth about this one. When this didn't help, I tried to think in a round instead. Didn't work, either.
The problem is that I hate to make plans. One of my middle names is disorganization (I have a lot of middle names of which procrastination is probably the one you heard most until now). I could take a picture of my desk to prove my point, but I think you already get the drift.

When I hear "spring plans", it makes me think of people who are getting ready to wake their garden up from its winter slumber, I think of blossoms, of seeds being planted, or whatever it is those garden people do - and I don't mean that in a derogatory way. I admire anyone who can keep a plant alive.
So what are my plans? Staying awake sounds like a goal, I tend to go right from hibernation into spring tiredness, the difference is I leave the window open.

My jewelry is not depending on seasons, either. In the biggest heat I can make icicle earrings, in winter I think of summer flowers and fall is omnipresent in my head always being my favorite season.
A little spring happened to sneak into my thoughts however when I made this ring.

Spring dreams ring

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  1. Lovely colours in the ring.... Add yep we share our middle name...Current motto..."why do something today that can be put off until tomorrow!"

  2. Gosh I think we follow the same hibernation cycle, Cat! hehehe I love this ring, it's so beautiful.

  3. Cat, not being one who likes to make plans means you are a spontaneous free spirit. Not only is that a good thing, but doesn't it sound nice as well?

    Love your Spring ring!

  4. I think we are all peas in a pod! Plans are not for the free-spirited, as Dawn said.

    Beautiful blossom ring, it's very fresh and seasonal. You are a wiz with your crochet hook!