One of those moments

Too early to go to bed, too tired to do more than hang around the computer and struggling to keep my eyes open. Why I am so tired you ask? Small, black, furry and persistent, especially shortly after 5 in the morning. Right, I said 5. Once he has transferred duties to me - not sure what they are, but I think they must be terribly important - he leaves for the next comfy chair and falls asleep in seconds while I am wide awake.

It gave me time to get a few things done, though. Maybe he has a deal with Mabel, my muse.
I finished the looming on a slim cuff which is actually meant for listing. I gave up working on the edging when I just forgot that the tube with the beads was open. I love the sound of bead rain. It's very comforting. NOT!

I almost burned a little lady for the second time. Monty Python and the witch come to mind. Oh, the lady is polymer clay and wire crochet and she didn't burn. I think I'll have to unwrap her arms again, though. They look like a mummy's arms, only in silver. Planned is the look of long gloves. I thought about posting the picture when she was still missing her arms, but nah. It's not Halloween and it's bad enough I already gave you the mummy association. (Curious now, hehe?)

I also went "on adventure" finishing my ancient idol pendant. That was fun. It's not only finished, but already listed, too.

Ancient idol pendant

Now I still got the "medal" and the large "rose petal" waiting to be listed. They are made in a similar style as the idol and still look so different.
Of course one big difference is the "medal" being rather weighty thanks to the tumbled rock.

I also wanted to show you a picture of Buster, our bunny. So sweet. Unfortunately I can't show you a picture. My brain forgot to tell me that I wanted to take one.
Oh, and the arrowhead. Nope, too early to tell you about it. Forget I said anything.
I'll close today's page now before I start to get really embarrassing and blog in my sleep. Right now I wouldn't think that impossible! ;-)

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  1. Hehe, you cat reminds me of this one
    Have you seen these cartoons? :)

    1. Oh yes, I have from the beginning. It's a small comfort to know cat people all over the world experience the same! ;-)

  2. Heheheheh, I think your cat shares his intentions with our male golden retriever, Defi, darn dog just can't help it, the first signs of daylight and he is up and at 'em!! The other goldie, Iz, she is still snoozing now! I love the idol pendant, that is gorgeous. Laneyx

    1. They are well allowed to all have their own personality, but why doesn't he get that I'm terrible with mornings! *lol*
      Thank you Laney!