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Today's quote comes to you courtesy of ... erm ... actually a bag of coffee beans. I won't tell you the brand, but when I opened the cupboard that also holds the cat kibbles I found that the tall guy had bought coffee that read "FSK ab 6 freigegeben" which in English means it's a movie that can be watched by kids 6 years or older. Why would 6 year old kids want to watch coffee beans? They weren't even dancing or singing.

I have to admit I was confused for a moment until I pulled the bag out and found there was indeed a DVD glued to it. A nice surprise since it was a movie I still own on video cassette. You remember? Big? Bulky? Wide brown tape?

Not that I have any clue what the movie has to do with coffee. It does have to do with England (doesn't that make you think tea, too?). And with a song I love a lot. And weddings. And ... oh, you already know? Then you can also imagine how hard it was to choose a quote from it. I'm sure this movie will be back here more than once.

Let me digress again for a bit and tell you another secret about me. I don't dance. Well, not in public. I say about myself that I'm a great "sit dancer", but don't drag me onto the dance floor. There are embarrassing memories in my past that sometimes haunt me in my dreams ... and possibly others as well who were unlucky enough to share those memories.
They came back to my mind with this quote ... you'll understand why.

Matthew: " I remember the first time I saw Gareth on a dance floor. I feared lives would be lost."


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