Plarn, plarn, plarn

I have the weird urge to sing that to the melody - if you can call it a melody - of Monty Python's Spam song. Oh yeah, don't make faces at me, I won't.

When I first heard the word plarn, I had no idea what it was. Funnily enough Google Analytics listed it to be one of the keywords leading someone to my Etsy shop back then. Plarn? Jewelry? I was confused, so I looked it up.
PLAstic yaRN. Uh-huh. To be precise you can cut up all kinds of stuff, plastic bags, cassette tapes (for the old people among us), videotapes, and crochet them into a unique piece. Indestructible shopping bags, jewelry, purses, sandals ... you wouldn't believe it.

I'm the happy owner of such a piece and I have been wanting to blog about forEVER. You know how it is. It's in your head, but you don't have the right idea. Sounds lame, but it's true. So I decided to just write it down, very simple. Better late than never, and it helped my motivation that Greebo just tried to drag my bag away.

Here it is - made from videotape which makes it extra special since my friend knows how much I love movies. I really admire Susanne for the patience. I would give up after cutting up the first three strips, I'm sure.
By the way, here is one of her posts about making those bags. Just in case you want to try it, too (sorry, it's in German, but I'm sure you'll get the idea).

Now let's have a drum roll for my very own plarn bag!

Thank you so much again, my friend!


  1. It has a nice, subtle shine to it. Makes me want to do some netting, but I have to say that plarnwork does interest me too now :)

    1. Spreading the virus, hehe (although I myself am immune).

  2. I trimmed a bag with video tape and made the handle with it. I am sorry to say that the VCR plastic does not hold up very well :( , and after having the handle falling apart, I redid the handle with plastic bags.

    1. That's very interesting, Diane, thank you! My bag is holding up okay until now, but I don't carry heavy stuff in it. Now I'll be even more careful!