I shouldn't have. No, really. There's other things to do today. Household, looming (I promised), I should be off to the post office, I need to buy bread ... instead I watched "Dhobi Ghat" (still trying to decide if I liked it or not) and played with beads.

You already know my wire knit bracelets and collars incorporating Miyuki glass cubes or triangles. If I thought I'd run out of inspiration and ideas soon, I was wrong.
Let me show you what I mean.

I started out like this - straight bracelets. The fun in that is how close to each other and linear the beads sit in the wire structure which is a very different look from the lacy wire crochet cuffs in which the beads rather sit on top of the stitch than in between stitches.

Then came the collars to figure out how to best achieve a nice curve and make the collar sit on your neck perfectly.

These are the pieces you have seen in different variations, some of them are already listed, some are still waiting for to be listed.

You have also seen one round piece with a cab in the middle, the Sun Web.

Obviously the next step was to use beads in the round instead of in the middle and I played with that for a while. Different colors again. Just one bead between two stitches. Increasing the number of beads between two stitches in each row. Two rows. Three rows. Shaping it into a dome. Flatten it to a disk.
This is just one example (with the wire still sticking out as I'm not sure what I want to turn it into), I don't want to flood you with pictures. They would make fun earrings, in the bright colors in particular, but then that hole in the middle suddenly started talking to me.

In one of my infamous supply bags I found a tumbled rose quartz rock which provided a nice contrast to the dark wire and earthy looking colors.
The back is tightly crocheted to hold the quartz safely in place.

Wire knit and crochet pendant with rose quartz
Can you imagine what new possibilities I am looking at now? That way the distractions will never end, my household will head right into chaos, and as I already "promised" some people, my head will sure explode at one point because I'm sure new ideas will come along. I'm lucky to have a friend promise she'll be standing by cleaning up the mess! ;-)


  1. Oh wow!!! Those necklaces have a art of their own, they are so beautiful, delicate yet sturdy. The Sun Web is stunning. Beautiful work x