Update of the exciting, the not so exciting and the weird

Seems I haven't shown you for a while what I have been up to.

I'll spare you the pictures of the laundry, always a hoot around this house as you know (that's the not so exciting part ↑).

I'll also spare you the story about how I tried to coax out the cat that lives in my keyboard. There must be a cat in there with all the hair sticking out here and there. I finally got help from ... uhm ... this ... uhm ... dude.

I bet you remember Slime, too? I remember our reverend was slightly shocked about us playing with that on our confirmation trip. Bright green and it went through all hands.
This stuff is bright yellow and has a light lemon scent. It's supposed to be antibacterial. The kid in me just wanted to play with it, but I don't think Mr. Slimy will have a successor. For the picture I couldn't resist but turn him into a creepy face (that's the weird part ).
Oh, sorry, I guess I couldn't resist sharing the story with you after all.

What else is there? Oh yes, I finished a few things, let me show you two of them.
 There's the Morning Rose cuff (showing off collages as long as I still know how to easily make them ;-)) ...

Bead loomed Morning Rose cuff

.... and the caged faux amber. This wire knit thing is really more fun than I anticipated. I thought about caging all kinds of things, pens, dumplings or maybe a cat if I can get one to hold still. So far I stuck to beads or cabs, though ;-)
The advantage towards needle lace is that I can do this in one piece and don't have to struggle with a long wire.

Wire crochet and knit collier with faux amber cabs

And now the exciting part. End of last year I entered a contest, the second International Bead Award,  with a loomed piece. As you can imagine that was a big step for me. Not only had I never entered a contest before, but also the idea to do it with something made in a technique I had only started a few months ago seemed pretty crazy. It still does.
Nevertheless my piece is on Perlen Poesie's site now with five others in the category loomwork which are eligible for public voting.
I could show you a picture, but if you want to vote, I want you to vote for the piece you like best. I have been told it's pretty easy to tell what I made anyway *lol*
Of course not only the category loomwork is interesting, there's more to see. The theme was "Pop Art", the requirements mentioned colorful, humorous, whimsical.

Maybe I should start working on ideas for next year's contest already?


  1. There are some pretty loomworks there Cat, but there is one that really stands out!
    Already voted :D

    PS - How's your cat doing now that he lost he's precious resting place? Hope he's ok :)

    1. Thank you, Raquel!

      All my cats are ok. They won't stay away for long. Not even Mr. Creepy Slime Dude can prevent that! :-D

  2. congratulations!! natural talent my dear, natural talent.
    I really hope you get something awesome as a prize!
    Get on the cover of a magazine!
    Do it!! :D

    1. Nothing like encouragement ... thank you! :-D

  3. The knit caging is awesome! I don't understand how you have all of these cool ideas, :).

    1. Thank you Paige! You are welcome to stay in my head sometime to find out, but only if you clean up the mess in there *lol*