"I have been stuck on the squares for a while, just love them. Do you ever get into creating with certain kinds of shapes and that's all you do for a while? Sure seems to be the way it goes with me."
That's a quote from Jewelry Artisans Community member Karin which became the inspiration for this month's blog carnival.

What shape am I drawn to? Have I made the same shape over and over?
Actually I don't really have to think about it. I am drawn to circles and their offspring, ovals.
I wonder if it is connected to my being so fascinated by a full moon. I have made several pendants and bracelets which show a full moon and writing this I seriously feel the urge to go for another one.

When going to my favorite cab store online, I always check out the round and oval cabs first. I made several rectangular bead loomed pendants, but after I discovered the fun of taking away those corners, I noticed that I often do a round outline first when brainstorming for a new pattern in bead looming or that even a square cab can end up with a round setting.

Of course that doesn't mean I can't do corners and angles at all, and you know I like my free form bead looming, too. It just doesn't make me as happy a circle, though, I guess.
Now I wanted to say that I never really thought about that before, but then I remembered that wouldn't be true. Once on deviantART I spoke to someone who asked me about my bead loomed "shaped" pendants. She said she always loved triangles while I told her I loved my circles.
I bet out there in Web World is some kind of game or quiz that tells you what it means if you like a shape more than others ;-)

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  1. I too are drawn to round and oval shapes, though I do tend to use some squares and triangles too.

    Love your witch pendants. :)

  2. Such a wonderful collection to show. I love your circles as well.

    1. Thank you. I didn't plan on making collages, but then I was a little fascinated about all those moons and circles myself ;-)

  3. Cat, your fascination with circles has yielded fantastic results. A fine example of pursuing your passion until perfection has been achieved!

  4. You make circles around us all, then! I love how everyone in this group seems to gravitate towards a specific shape. The full moon explanation works totally for me!

    1. There was a full moon just the other day. I'm sure it helped me with this post ;-)