He came from outer space to save the human race

You know what's best about living alone?
I can do whatever I want. Whenever I want. Okay, of course there are always limitations. I try not to disturb my neighbors with loud music or the TV. I don't run up and down the stairs in the middle of the night. I don't fuss around in my kitchen at 3 am (which is something I have done before when I was much younger) or turn on the vacuum cleaner at all hours of the day (which is something my former neighbor has done before when I was much younger).
I can listen to what I want, though. I can watch what I like. I can plaster my walls with animal pictures, painted, drawn or photographed. I can keep my beloved Stairs to Nowhere and decorate them with hats. I can even keep my little artificial Christmas tree standing as long as I want to (because I still want to take pictures of my handmade baubles).

This post is not about single life, however. It's about my fan wall, something I know would have been frowned upon in the old days of not being single.
On my page I said that it's a gut decision who will end up on the wall, just as much as I let my gut decide what I like and what I don't like.
Guess what ... I'm not a Harry Potter fan and I would never watch Game of Thrones (these are just random examples that came to my mind first). I like (some) Bollywood movies and the music, and the next moment I may listen to Queen, The Beatles, or Mozart. My comic hero is not Batman or Superman, but still Donald Duck. I like some fashion on others, but can't be bothered to look beyond my t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers myself.
I don't like someone or something just because it's popular, but it also doesn't mean I dislike something just because it's popular - although I do tend to be stubborn at first about things that get pushed into my face, by people, commercials, or trailers. I don't have to see a movie just because "everyone" loves it. I am not a fan of most action movies and even though I enjoy weird movies, there are weird movies I think are, well, too weird for me, and that's okay.
I listen to others' opinions and maybe I let them convince me and maybe not.
I could go on and on like that, but I think you got the idea ;-)

A few years ago I happened to stumble upon The Nomi Song on TV, a documentary about countertenor Klaus Nomi. I do love documentaries of all kinds and recorded the re-run because I had missed part of it the first time. Watching it I remembered having seen him once on German TV and the song he performed was actually quite familiar to me even though I can't say why.
I got interested and started browsing a little more.
Nomi was Avantgarde, New Wave, unusual and outlandish and not everyone's cup of tea, but when a friend suggested  him as one of the portraits, my gut told me to go with it.
And now he's #25 on my wall :-)


Lidia said...

I watched the documentary a few weeks ago in honor of his birthday. I'm thrilled that you included him on your fan wall.

Cat said...

I listen to his albums all the time.
I am thrilled that you suggested him for the wall, how could I not think of that myself?!