I haven't talked about my spike baubles here yet. My addiction to spike baubles, that is. Team up Christmas baubles, wire and spike beads, and you get the coolest mace like looking ornaments or earrings. And since there are so many beautiful colors, it's really hard to stop making them. Okay, not kidding anybody here, I never stopped.

Had someone told me that I would browse the net for black Christmas baubles in the middle of a January night, I would have told them that I am crazy, but not THAT crazy.
Obviously I am after all. Think gothic spiky earrings and ornaments. I couldn't resist and I was so looking forward to my order (which might have contained some other colors as well *cough cough*).

Black and red is one of my favorite color combinations, so when the order arrived, I grabbed one of the bigger baubles, my black wire, beautiful transparent red spikes and my hook.
Bigger baubles with the big spikes are harder to make. You don't just have to get the wire tension right, but also have to try and catch the spikes in the wires of the top and bottom row from avoiding them to fall over, all of that while holding a spiky ornament in your hand which doesn't hurt, but makes working a little awkward.
The goth ornament seemed to be jinxed from the start, though. For some reason black wire is hard to see on a shiny black bauble, believe it or not, and the spikes tended to stand in all directions, just not where I wanted them. I gave up when the ornament was about halfway done. When I got it out again a few days later, I decided to give it a fresh start and unraveled it.

It was a good decision. I could see the wire better, I had the spikes under control, everything looked right. I felt very smug, and that was a mistake.
Bam! It was that thunking sound of glass breaking, but not flying around everywhere. Of course not, it couldn't because there was a wire cage around it. I still had that bit of hope when I picked up the ornament. How did I drop it in the first place? Wait, it did look okay? Had I imagined the sound because it was what I had expected to hear? Then I turned it around and saw the hole in the glass bauble.

Oh well :-/ Can't help it now.
By the way, would you like to know what a spike ornament looks without its "guts"? Like this.

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