Two souls alas ...

are dwelling in my breast, said good old Faust. Not that I remember much of Faust, I'm not a Goethe fan and when our German teacher asked in our last year which play we wanted to talk about, I was the only one not voting for Faust. As always I'm digressing, sorry.

Do you sometimes feel there are two souls in your breast?
The other day I felt that way when looking at two of my latest designs. They couldn't be more different from each other and still I've been told it's not hard to see that I made both of them.

You know what? Maybe there is just one soul, too playful to want to be strapped down. I think it's lot of fun to let your creative soul wander. From serious to silly, from simple to complicated, from modern to old-fashioned. They can all be facets of you and it would be a pity to hide them.

Lion head pendant


Lady Eleanor
Sleepy Star
Grape pie



  1. What lovely pieces! The range of designs reflects many aspects of your soul, as good art should. One soul, or two, or five... eh, what does it matter? Especially when it can produce such a fun array of works.

    Found this quote that might also apply: "Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures." (~Henry Ward Beecher)

    I see a wonderful nature here!
    -Rebecca Renee

  2. Thank you so much, Rebecca. Thank you also for that wonderful quote!

  3. that is a wonderful quote above, they both are.
    i think its true that every person has multiple sides to them, and what is made and what is shown could be vastly different but still..."them" if you will.
    youve got some wonderful intricate pieces up there! love the sun in particular, really pretty :D!
    i say, in the end, you make your work for yourself and if you were silly and playful go for it, if youre serious and morose, roll with it.
    in the end if its made for you first, and the world second, youll never make a bad piece

    hope youve had a wonderful week cat :D!

  4. Wise words for such a young lady! Definitely an artist's soul talking here! ;-)

    I hope so did you ... any news from Malmö yet??

  5. lol well i told you cat i have some baby wrinkles! im on my up and out into wisdom heheh ;)

    oof and malmö? as in the art academy... i got some bad news there. i was told i am unable to apply for financial aid until my 2 years here are up and i can become a permenant resident in sweden. so i have to wait till next year to apply *cry* i was really upset about it. ive had enough, you cant go to art school because of money in my life.
    i just hope sometime soon someone will give me a break *shakes fist at the sky*

    until then. ^^
    see you around the virtual art world :D

  6. Love both the playful, silly side and the elegant, serious side of your work, Cat.

    No matter what you do it's always captivating.

    Always do work that inspires you, rather than the type of work people say you should do and you'll be a happy and creative artist!