I'm stuck.
There are the things that I have to do (cleaning litterboxes or doing laundry, writing e-mails which actually also belongs in the second category), there are things I want to do (looming, crocheting, reading, playing computer games, having someone else cook for me) and there are the things I feel obliged to do ... and that's where I'm stuck. I'm still working on my move from ArtFire to Zibbet. Most of it is done, but not all and I can hear the little woman in my ear nagging to get it done.
I'm afraid she's not going to let me off the hook.

Last night I sat here trying to make a looming pattern, but I kept being distracted by one of the few pieces I want to rework. Then I remembered another piece that was still waiting downstairs for its "surgery" and the one I still need to take photos of ... deeeeep breath.
Baby steps will do the trick and then I'll be back to tell you stories about the cats and show you new loomed pieces and maybe I can even announce I folded my laundry and learned the cat language. A girl can dream, so can an old witch like me.

Even Esme feels she needs to calm me down! ;-)

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