Quote of the week

I'll make it short today.
A fashion magazine, a photographer, a doubtful editor - and a new face, accidentally found in a antique book store.

Do you read fashion magazines? Well, let me tell you that ...

Jo: It's chi-chi and an unrealistic approach to self-impressions as well as economics.
Maggie: We are going to have trouble. She's a thinker.
Dick: She's also a talker.

Jo: Sie sind eine unwirkliche Beeinflussung des Zeitgeschmacks um ökonomischer Vorteile willen.
Maggie: Es wird Schwierigkeiten geben, sie kann denken.
Dick: Sie kann auch noch reden.

Of course Jo, the ugly duckling, turns into a beautiful swan later and of course Dick, the photographer, falls in love with her ... this might not be a movie of hard to predict scenes, but sometimes romance is just what you need ...

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