Dein Helfer, Lesson #2

Do you remember this little booklet?

Shortly after New Year is a time when many people try to get organized, in their lives, in their heads and what should be the easiest task, in their home.
Let me help you bit with that by offering you sound advice on things you never knew you couldn't live without until now.
Today I picked a beautiful example for everyone dealing with precious cut flowers. Sorry, I can't tell you what flowers exactly are meant by that, maybe magic flowers that can heal, or dancing and talking flowers like the ones in Andersen's fairy tale "Little Ida's flowers" which I love very much, but now I could have told Ida how to make her flower friends last a little longer ...

"To protect precious flowers from withering all too soon, they have to be kept carefully. The best way to accomplish this is to wrap each individual blossom in newspaper overnight. The paper may not be touched by the water and the flower stems may not touch the bottom of the vase."

Wow. In that case I don't think I would want a fifty red rose bouquet from my husband! ;-)

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  1. By the time you're done you can start unpacking them again because the sun is rising :D