Alive and kicking

Kind of.

Not much new in my world. I still can't tap dance or own a 3 star restaurant.
The cats still drive me crazy and today Meffi stole my milk. Nothing like hearing a little lapping sound next to you and discovering a tiger head in your mug. I wish I had had a camera on me then, the look she gave me when I asked her what she was doing was incomparable and showed me my limits in this house once again.

I am working on a looming project at the moment, you might get to see pictures soon. Actually I got something on both of my looms, but I ran out of gunmetal colored beads. Never thought that would happen as whenever I put in a bead order, there's gunmetal and black in there. I guess the cats took them to gaslight me.

Picnik is closing down and I'm really still very upset about it. No matter if it's shampoo, my favorite cookies or my favorite photo editor, sooner or later they take it away from me. Mostly when I just got really, really addicted. Ok, it's weird to be addicted to shampoo. I mentioned it first because they did it to me three times already!

Today I got mail, my free sample of Preciosa Ornela twin beads. I have no idea what to do with them yet, but a gift, especially if you forgot about ordering it already, is always nice!
Sorry for the bad picture, they are still in their bag.

Enough random thoughts for today. I think the dishwasher is ready to be emptied. What an exciting life I lead sometimes! ;-)

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  1. I am so very upset about picnik. I have tried other editors that were shared on plurk but none compare. Not even close.

    Don't get me started on a favorite shampoo being taken away. It is very depressing when that happens.