Interview with the artist - Star from Colt Pixy

I'm really happy to welcome a very talented lady on my blog today. You have heard about her before, I have more than one of her great polymer clay pieces, like my beloved dragon Tomomi and her pal, the octopus, a flower snail, and then there are the pieces that went to friends and family, like the bunny butts or an adorable little owl.
Talent is not all she has got, though, she's also a lovely person. I'm very glad to have met her online.

Tell us a little about who you are and where you come from?

I am ColtPixy. Most people call me by my middle name, Star. I currently reside in beautiful Middle Tennessee, US. 

What's your craft/art and how did you get to do it in the first place?

I mostly sculpt nowadays, but like doing just about anything with polymer clay. Years ago I was a stained glass and mosaic artist. My work was sold in 4 stores in Tennesee and Alabama and I taught mosaic classes in both states. Then an injury caused me to lose the use of my thumb for 6 months. It was my doctor who encouraged me to create with clay, I chose polymer clay and fell in love with it.

I think this is one of the most asked questions – where does your inspiration come from?

One of my favorite sources of inspiration is just talking with friends. Sometimes an offhand remark will give me an idea. Especially when we are not even talking about creating anything at all. I like to think of them as my real live Muses.

Do you do other crafts, if yes, what?

I draw, paint, I love to work with a quill and ink. Stained glass, mosaics. I like hand sculpting with concrete. I can tufa, but like concrete better. I sew a little. Needlefelt. A little beading. Embroidery. Wood burning, carving. Weaving. Lost wax silver casting. There is not a lot that I have not tried actually. I believe that one thing can lead to another and so on. I love learning and mastering new things. It makes me feel alive.

Which one of your pieces is your absolute favorite? Which one was the hardest to make and why?

My favorite has got to be this Octopus...

octopus sculpture faux oxidized bronze

The hardest to make would be the passion flower. Figuring out how to make it as close to the real thing as possible and yet make it a strong sculpture.

Passion Flower for Deb

Is there someone whom you admire and who inspires you?

Too many people to list and I am not going to try for fear of leaving any of them out.

If you had free choice of just one supply you need for your craft/art, what would it be?

Polymer clay.

Do you sell online, if yes, where can we find you?

Yes, my shop is at ColtPixy.

Hop over there, guys, and you'll find some amazing stuff. Her latest passion are the snails one of which I'll show you here. Isn't that adorable? It's hard to show you more because Star's snails are not slow. They fly out of her hands and that's no surprise to anyone who knows her and her gorgeous work!

Maeve the pixie snail racer


  1. definitely well deserved spotlight and recognition of one of the most talented lady that I come to know!!! Woohoooo!!!!!

  2. what cool sculptures! and a great story coming out of a painful event, turning into a wonderful passion. Love those snails :P

  3. wonderful artist, creative and herself inspiring to others, great interview

  4. Great interview! I hadn't realized that it was her doctor that suggested clay

  5. It's always interesting to see where artists come from and what led them to what they do.
    Thank you for your comments!

  6. Thank you so much Cat for the feature and everyone for the sweet comments!

  7. I love Star's work. I'm honored to have some of her creations for my own collections!

  8. Bravo!! Star is a true artist with a passion for whatever she creates.

  9. Star's work is so fun! The passion flower is amazing...so much detail! Great interview.

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