My first big hole bead

I guess this moment comes in almost every woman's life* - the first big hole lampwork bead. Holding it in your hand, caressing it, turning it back and forth, admiring the colors ... dropping it on the floor where a cat takes over and tries to find the goal under the bed ...
The curtain falls because I don't want you to see me crawling around on all fours trying to get my bead back. I wish I wasn't such a klutz sometimes.

The bead was made by Melissa Vess. You heard of her before, the teddy head bead, remember? It's not as if that is the only of her beads I possess, though. I have this adorable octopus that is still waiting for the perfect idea (while I'm waiting for that, I take him out of his box a lot, hold him in my hand ... no, I never dropped him), I have two darling fishies and now that cute little crab which happens to be my zodiac sign! You got the idea, I keep most of Melissa's beads for myself, and it seems I'm particularly in love with her water creatures.

This bead looks like caramel to me. I didn't want to distract from it and I was glad to finally be able to check out if the hole was big enough for one of my wire crochet ropes, so that's all I did. I love how the colors match.

Why don't you check out Melissa's ArtFire studio? There are fish there ....

* I'm kidding. Probably just 90 %. 70 %? 50 %? Who cares. It was exciting for me ;-)


  1. Melissa's beads are beautiful - I love this piece, your work compliments each other.

  2. Such a beautiful design!! You know I have never been able to duplicate that octopus... I am so glad it has a good home.... Thanks for the sweet compliments, I appreciate them.. and YOU!!