Cloves and flowers

Did you know that cloves are flower buds of a tree? I didn't, but I do now.
I just wanted to prove to you that I'm still alive and thought I'd do so with my latest listings. The clove earrings are for the Handmade in Europe challenge "Herbs/Spices". Have you checked out our blog this month? The subject is really interesting, even for non-cooking people like me.

One of a kind wire crochet clove earrings

Let's stay with the flowers. I made these quite a while ago, but was looking for different ideas to use the design. There's nothing like an unorganized stash, I'm telling you. I had forgotten there was the back of a barrette in there and I rather like how the flowers look on it. And then one of my favorite songs came to my mind:
"For those who come to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair ..." Scott McKenzie's "San Francisco". Perfect!
And I even had two flowers left which I used for earrings. Now I can go back into hibernation, right? ;-)

Wire crochet flower barrette

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