Awol ... Christmas in July ... working on my stash/preview

What can I say? Day job, heat ... age ;-) All of that is wearing me out at the moment and I can't do things like I want them to do. Sorry about that. I'm alive, though. I am. Don't forget that when you don't see me around much the next few weeks.

I thought however I really should drop in for a bit of the latest news.
Let's start with Christmas in July. Did you know that many of the Smooshers are having a sale for this event? Check out the guild blog to see a list of all the shops participating!
Yup, I'm in there, too. 10 % off each item.

Now to show you that I am not just sitting on my butt, looking DVDs and snuggling with cats, here are a few still unlisted pieces I made over the last few weeks. Should any of them catch your eye and you want to take advantage of the sales price in July, you know where to find me. Just shoot me a message.

I used up my red goldstone beads and aren't they a perfect match?
A fossilized shell in a netting of gunmetal wire with tiny freshwater pearls
The "Doily pendant" ;-) Onyx donut filled not with jam, but different dark beads
Free form serpentine cab made into a heart with fine silver wire crochet accented by rainbow moonstones
Mmmm, Deronda O'Neills clear bubble beads teamed up with fine silver wire crochet beads of my making covered with tiny red carnelian, black and green onyx
Sunflower ring, this is not the only flower I have made, either!

Wait for me, will you? I promise I'll be back! ;-)