I can't think

Maybe I'll start an auction. Or a giveaway. I don't care how, but would please someone take that heat away from here? I'm sure there are people out there who would love to have it. In fact I already promised 10° C to someone, but he didn't pick them up yet and so I am sitting here, over me just an old roof and lots of heat pressing on my brain. Heck, I even stuck to my blanket and you know how I hate glue of all sorts.

Ok, enough whining for now. What have I been up to?
I played with the needle lace technique a lot again. Give me your rocks, world, and I'll put them in a net and on a rope. You don't believe me? Look here. Oh, the endless possibilities. I feel like swooning from the mere thought.

Or here. I'll have to find more stones like this one. I really love how it turned out. Isn't it amazing how a simple tumbled piece of rose quartz can change just by using some copper wire and one Swarovski crystal? Ok, and some of my time, too. Of course it also gave me more ideas. One of them is #10 on my to-do list. It's #9 now because #6 is already done.

Charlotte's rose pendant

Hey, what? Told you I can't think! Maybe it'll be better tomorrow. If I can sleep and don't have weird dreams, that is. Like being stuck in a town in India, not finding back to my hotel room, but instead walk through the kitchen there a lot. Or chasing spies in Wales while Ponder is running around with feral cats (all of them black) and Esme is following me making squeaking sounds.
Now isn't that a real cliffhanger? ;-)

P.S. For "you know who you are", I ran out of the blue/turquoise wire and have to order it first *blush* I haven't forgotten!


  1. Ooo... love those bracelets! And the pendant. And the heat. Just toss it up north to moi and I'll make sure to take good care of it. :D

  2. I'll do my best. Just know that I'm one of those girls who throw ... well, like a girl *lmao*

  3. for the last couple of weeks it's bean mostly a pleasant 20-ish here, still warmer that I find ideal but it's ok :) so please don't throw it this way, I mean what if you don't throw far enough and it lands here *gasp*

    AK can have it all :D

  4. I wouldn't do anything to risk it landed in your area, I know you feel the same as me.
    Here it's muggy and we had 30°, way too high for me.

  5. I love the bracelets. DO you give lessons? I would love to learn how to make a couple. Thanks sally_hyppolit@hotmail.com

  6. I tried to e-mail you, Sally, but the mailbox was unavailable. Maybe you'll read it here.
    Thank you for asking, I'm happy you like the bracelets.
    I'm sorry however that I can't help you, but I don't work after patterns myself and in my shops I only sell the finished items, no patterns or tutorials.