Saturday evening

I have been so determined. I started on my housework early this morning and things went well. I even cleaned up my infamous nightstand drawer a bit. Don't tell anybody I did that because I was desperate looking for one of my knitting spools which later proved to be where it should be, ON the nightstand, buried by wire spools however. Do you think knitting and wire spools can breed and I'll find little knitting spools with the wire already on them? Oops, sorry. Digressing.

Then things went downhill fast, and loyal as I am, I went down with them. To be precise, I let myself hit by a vicious nap. I am talking one of those two and a half hour, "where am I?", "who am I?" and "why am I holding on to a crochet hook as if I am trying to fend off a monster with it?", off-to-a-parallel-dimension naps.
(For Deb, in case she'll read this, I do NOT blame Otto of Habsburg.)
I am happy to announce, however, that I am determined again now. Not only did I list a piece, but I also successfully charged the batteries to the motion sensors along the stairs. Tonight my walk downstairs will be a lot safer than it has been for the last two weeks. It's pure luck that Greebo and I didn't make the earth move when I tripped over him that one night. And no, of course it wasn't a cold-blooded attempt to kill me ... was it?
Nah, look at this sweet face, how could he?

Oh, and for the piece I listed - this is my favorite shot of the focal part. I know I have pushed it on about anybody I know, but it's so hypnotizing!

Wire crochet and needle lace necklace with lampwork beads "Metallica"

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