I love them

Sometimes I say I'll sell them to the circus or I threaten to eat them with French fries. They can be so annoying when they practice their new tapdancing steps on my ribs at night or when they start a fight to get me up early for their breakfast. They can be so clumsy knocking over stuff that they usually wind through like snakes, just to get your attention. They can hurt you so much, either by turning their backs on you when you need them most (yes, it was a traumatic moment when I came home from hospital and Merlin hissed at me and hid under the bed for three hours, even if I know I had been away for weeks and probably smelled really funny) or by digging their claws into most tender spots on your body.

And then they are on the bed, on the couch or on the desk, and knowing you are close by, they'll just roll around and trust you to catch and hold them. I have watched them and they rarely do the extreme stunts when there's no one is in reach. (Sometimes they fall off the furniture, but rarely when I'm around to witness it.)
No matter if Greebo is getting ready for his training units with some light stretching .....

.... or if Ponder is rolling over on the desk just to land on my arm and leg. Hadn't I been there to hold him, he would have taken a dive right down to the floor.

Sometimes I'm easy to please, these are special little moments to me.


  1. I love that picture of Greebo, that's definitely some sort of yoga position. :D My cats are more like Ponder - rolling about and flopping on the desk in order to get attention. *rollseyes*

    I agree though, they are special moments. :-)

  2. My cat knocks all my rubber duckies off of the end of the tub almost every night... I'm not sure if it's because he thinks I need exercise bending over to pick them all up, or if it's to tell me that he want breakfast... even though his food bowl is full.... What do you think?


  3. My cat has got the best nose and comes running with the slightest hint of people food in the air and will make a racket until I put my book down to give him some lovin' only to take over my book.....=) Gotta love our kitties.