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Maybe you already expected it. This week's quote is dedicated to one of the grandes dames of Hollywood who left this world a few days ago. Of course I am talking about Elizabeth Taylor.
She was beautiful and talented and she will be missed. To be honest, when I heard about her death, at first I couldn't believe it. She had gone through so much, her death was expected so often, it just didn't feel right.
One of my favorite quotes from her movies is one that for a long time I didn't even know was a quote.

I'll have to explain that. If you owned a Barbie, Stacey, Francie, whatever, as a child, you know you had to remove her head sometimes. There were outfits which were impossible to put on if you didn't do it. That's one reason for the frowned upon neck splits (I never quite got why they are called neck splits, the split is in the head, not the neck).
Newer Barbies had another problem because of a changed neck construction. Little children are not very careful about removing things. Off goes the head! The Red Queen would have been delighted. Often the neck construction was damaged in the process and when the head was put back on, it went down so far that it looked as if the doll didn't have a neck anymore. We, the collectors in my family, call them "no-neck monsters".

Years later I found out this comes from a movie with Elizabeth Taylor and is used by her for her sister-in-law's children. I had heard of the movie of course, but somehow I had never seen it. Now I own it on DVD.

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