Mayan sun

I found that when I take enough breaks I can work on new pieces again.
This month's Starving Artists Team challenge was to make something in a gold color, no matter if the gold was in the metal, the beads, the gems.
As I didn't really have an idea and don't want to overdo it yet, I thought I'd put a bezel around a nice glittering peach bebble and add some fancy jasper. I guess it would have resulted in a nice organic look.
However, it was not to happen because at some point during the process the bezel turned into a disk with a hole in the middle. I just had enough jasper cubes left to make it all around the disk, but what to put in the middle? A few things came to mind, but I'll keep them to me, to put them on my list of ideas for the future.
I found the best choice would be a red/brown nugget. It had the right size and the color fit in with the Mayan vision I suddenly had.
Ok, looking at it now it makes me think I should have used some crystal to remind of the "Raiders of the Lost Ark" ;-)
Yet another idea for my list?

Mayan sun


  1. Yes a mayan sun does come to mind! Glad your able to work if you pace yourself... there's nothing worse than wanting to work and not being able too... However a good book often cures the need to work around here!


  2. Oh I love this...beautiful colors.

  3. Thank you all so much!
    I love it when a piece just "happens".
    Lynne, my pile of new books is shrinking, I watch it with deep concern ;-)