Bored and restless

I know I have been whining about it in all of the 84,384 known or unknown universes. Even aliens do a u-turn when they see me coming. Earplugs are out of the stock in the area. My cats roll their eyes at me, people crouch in corners and stare at their ringing phones because it might be me.

I am bored. I can't crochet at the moment because my right arm (shoulder and elbow) is hurting. I miss it. There are ideas in my head, there are things to be done and Mabel keeps looking around the corner asking me when I'll get my lazy self up to make stuff.
I'm not sure what the answer is, I know however I'm annoying, even to myself.
Tough break, people. We all have to get through this phase somehow, I'm afraid ... ;-)

1 comment:

  1. Poor thing! Knowing how you love to create I am sure your withdrawl is painful. Not being able to get your creative fix must be like trying to quit smoking. I get edgy when I can't create too ... and did I mention bitchy and grumpy? I hope for you that darned arm heals quickly!