That's the way it goes - Romance

They met at elementary school during the lunch break. She had dropped her sandwich in the mud and small gentleman he was, he offered her his. She saw his slightly shocked look when she accepted, so they shared it - cheese and ketchup, his favorite.
After that they were almost inseparable, so much that it made their mothers smile when they saw the two walking hand in hand.

After having lost each other at high school for a while, they found back together when they met at a concert in the park.
When he saw her sitting there in the grass, her long dark hair falling down her back, her bright blue eyes, the chewing gum bubble she just had blown all over her lips, when he heard her laughing out loudly, he couldn't help but falling in love.
He approached her and when she looked up at him, he handed her his orange banana smoothie in an impulse. This time he wasn't shocked when she accepted.

They spent a fabulous time together. They played minigolf, they watched DVDs, played computer games and went swimming ... and again their mothers smiled when they saw them walking hand in hand.
They walked through the fields, looking up and he promised her to get the moon and stars down from the sky for her.

That was the moment when she told him that she loved him. And he wasn't shocked, but only held her very tight. Her heart felt all dizzy, but really happy as well.

So they decided to tell their parents. Their mothers exchanged glances and their smiles seemed to say "We knew it." Their fathers started looking into their wallets and had a stiff drink together.

She was a beautiful bride, reminding of Snow White with the dark hair, the fair skin, all dressed in white. He couldn't take his eyes off her, even after all these years.

Of course they would face problems, have one or the other fight, but they were determined to make this romance last ...

All these items were made by members of the Polymer Clay Smooshers. Amazing, isn't it?

1. Oak Meadow Elementary School Maverick Earrings by Renaissance Gal of San Antonio
2. Orange Banana Smoothie Pendant/Necklace by Live Mini
3. Glow in the Dark Stars and Moon Switch Plate by Kneaded Things
4. Polymer Clay Heart Pendant by Michigan Mud Clay Studio
5. Polymer Clay and Smoky Quartz Earrings by Haffina Creations
6. Classic Red Roses Lentil Polymer Clay Bead Pair by Too Aquarius

P.S. This is fiction, but I like to think there is a couple like this out there somewhere ;-)


  1. LOTS of couples like this out there, we have to believe it, we are romantics :) Wonderful post and the polymer clay pieces are amazing!

  2. Thank you for the wonderful story. The pieces you chose are amazing.

  3. What a great story! I love how you used the polymer clay pieces to illustrate your story. Beautiful!

  4. Very creative post! Loved the storyline...you also had some beauties to express your thoughts...loved it!