Let me put on my glasses. I will now very get very intellectual and talk about "joy" with you.
Forget about the glasses, I already had them on because I'm pretty much helpless without them.
Okay, let me try something else instead .... I got it, quotes!

"Joy is not in things, it is in us." You are right, Richard Wagner, but I think sometimes things can bring out the joy in us.

"Joy is increased by spreading it to others." I absolutely agree with you there, Robert Murray M'Cheyne although I have to admit I have never heard of you before.

And my favorite one is "Joy is the feeling of grinning inside." by Melba Colgrove, PhD.

You might ask where I'm heading with this post. I'm heading to the little things, the things that make me smile and give me a moment of joy even if I'm feeling down.
What are those things? That could be a headbutt from one of my cats, a last blooming rose when all the others are gone already, but also a person leaving you some of the dessert you like so much, a smile, a song on the radio that you haven't heard for a long time and that brings happy memories - but it also can be something material and this is what I want to show you now.
Off to the Smooshers! ;-)

These handmade beads by River Valley Design made me feel all warm with their beautiful bright and happy colors. As a matter of fact I was reminded of Christmas ornaments in candle light for a moment.

Now meet Cerlt the Evil who is still living in the studio of Art by Susmitha. Isn't he adorable? Sssh, have a look in the description and you'll find he's not that evil after all ...

I'm not a big fan of garlic. There's a long story behind that. This little garlic fellow however is so cute, he put a big smile on my face! He's sitting on his stopper in the shop of Pixies.

Now tell me, when have you been grinning on the inside lately and what made you?


Desert Rubble said...

lol A cat head butt, I love those! I also love that little polymer clay garlic fellow, what a nice piece, I love him!

Valldawn said...

Very nice post!

Creative Critters said...

OMG! That Garlic guy is so cute! Oh, and I'm with you on the joy of kitty head butts- LOL! My Cedric thinks he's a goat- all he wants to do is give head butts :D

Unknown said...

Great post and a perfect selection of pieces that bring joy! I'd love to know the long story behind why you don't love garlic; I absolutely adore it :D

Desert Wind Designs said...

Great selections of items - I especially love the beads (rather partial to red). Wonderful post.

Unknown said...

Great post :)

Unknown said...

Wonderful post, as always!