Sassy clay creations

That is not just the perfect description for the pieces I chose today, it is also the name of a fellow Smoosher's ArtFire studio, Sassy Clay Creations.

Taking a look into her studio (which you absolutely should!) and her blog (check it out!) will show you that Dori is a lady of many talents.

She covers glasses to make beautiful votive holders of them, she makes great patterns and the cutest little flowers.
Talking about patterns, here is my favorite bowl from her studio. Isn't it darling how Dori wove the green ribbon through the holes in the rim? And that bowl is not only beautiful, but also useful!

As a cat lover I absolutely had to choose this necklace, not only because of the stamped cat image, but also because of the great effect that the copper embossing powder makes on the black clay.

In a post for the guild blog she mentioned that one of her favorite techniques is layering. There are quite a few items in her studio that show that, but this is definitely the most amazing one, the Green Envy Mask. That doesn't only show patience, but also a lot of talent!

Don't let me forget to mention that I've gotten to know Dori as a kind and lovely person. Just read in her blog about the Round Robin Box that she started within the guild and that is due to come to me next. So exciting.
She is also inspiring. Even if she doesn't know it yet, she inspired me for this month's guild challenge, but that's for another post.

I wish you happy browsing at Sassy Clay Creations now.


  1. Happy browsing indeed! What a great studio!

  2. I love the color and textures in her pieces.

  3. She does the most amazing work! Everything so vivid and detailed.

  4. Dori has amazing items in her store on ArtFire. A real must see!!


  5. Her pieces make me smile. Nice post.