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The firehouse used in the movie, picture by Philip Ritz

1985. Ah, I was still a teenager then (for a few months at least). Hard to believe, isn't it? I went more often to the movies then and one of the movies I saw was "Ghostbusters".
It gives us an abundance of great quotes you can use for any occasion - matching it or not, they'll always be fun.

One of my favorite quotes at work is this one, though.
We got one!

It's what Janine Melnitz aka Annie Potts said when they got their first customer.
So if we have a slow start at work and wait for the first patron to turn up or if we send out letters and get the first reply, I will be sure to cry out "We got one!" trying to imitate Janine's voice.

And don't forget ... who you gonna call? Ghostbusters! ;-)

Ghostbusters, USA, 1984

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