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1985 - such a long time ago. The 80s brought us some interesting movies, along with interesting music and some very disturbing hairstyles and fashions ........

1985 also brought us one of my favorite horror movies. Horror tastes best with a pinch of humor and "Fright Night" is a good example. When going through quotes from that movie, I can hear the voices, well, the dubbing voices because I have never seen that one in English.
The quote I picked for today's post is one I love to use in my everyday life, in German, though.
"You have to have faith for this to work on me, Mr. Vincent!" That's what the vampire says when the vampire hunter is trying to make him back off by getting out a crucifix. The fact that it doesn't work is scary because we all know what it means, but the fact that Jerry Dandridge is already growing his fangs and talks as if he has his mouth full is hilarious!

And what if people I use that quote on are surprised about me calling them Mr. Vincent? I am having big fun and that is what counts ;-)

Fright Night, USA, 1985

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