Into The Dawn

Time for another Smoosher feature!
Into The Dawn is not where I'll be riding to on my horse, not only because lone riders usually ride into the sunset and not because I can't ride and think horses are terribly high, it's the name of an ArtFire studio, Dawn's studio, that is.

Dawn is not only a funny and lovely person that I am very glad I got to know, she is also incredibly talented.
Like always it's hard to choose a favorite, but I'm going to concentrate on my favorites of my favorites - her mosaics.

Let's start with this piece, the Funky Metallic Quilt Block Mosaic Box.
I don't sew (yes, yes, I know I mention it all the time), so the first thing it reminded me of was not a quilt. Instead it reminded me of graph paper. Whenever I was bored at school, I took a piece of graph paper and filled all those little squares with colorful patterns. Admit it, you did it, too! And it was fun, wasn't it? ;-) So is this box.

The Water Spirit Mosaic Box really gives you the feeling of water, the ocean, rain - can't you almost smell it?

This one, though, tops it all for me, the Kuan Yin Mosaic Shrine. So beautiful!

Put a saddle on your horse and try to ride into the dawn, you won't regret it, either at the ArtFire studio or at Dawn's blog. Believe me, I barely touched the surface here.


  1. I love horses and love to ride but I really love these boxes!

  2. Great post. Her work is stunning.

  3. I love DawnMarie's boxes - they are fantastic. Great post.

  4. Her mosaics are just gorgeous! This is one very talented Smoosher!
    -Michelle of CreativeCritters

  5. Nice post and Dawn has amazing items in her studio. Fantastic artist!!

    Jennifer of CraftyBabyHope

  6. Thanks for such a wonderful post! Much appreciated! Thanks for showing off the Kuan Yin shrine, I am rather fond of this piece...