Meet Crafty Baby Hope

Are you wondering about the name?
The studio's name stands for the thought behind the studio, putting money earned through crafting into an infertility treatment.
Jennifer from Crafty Baby Hope on ArtFire doesn't stick to just one craft. She's a talented wire wrapper, she beads, but she also works with polymer clay which made her become a member of the Smooshers Guild and a very active one at that! She also has tutorials on YouTube. Yup, that is one busy lady! Admirable!

Since this is the weekly Smoosher feature, I'll concentrate on some of her polymer clay pieces and I tried to pick them from different categories - the sculptures, the charms and the jewelry.

Isn't this a super cute kitty? (And isn't it clear I chose a kitty? ;-)) Why am I so sure that behind that cute face is a mischievous little fellow, though?

Jennifer and her charms regularly make me crave sugar. These are the calorie-free, beautiful AND fun alternative!

I really love these tribal mask earrings. They seem to hide some ancient mystery from the look on their faces.

If you want to see more, go to the studio and also visit the blog "Jewelry for Hope" which will lead you to the other places Jennifer can be found at.


  1. Nice feature and a nice cause..

  2. Great post Cat! That kitty does look like he is up to mischief. :-)

  3. Cat,
    Thank you for such a great blog feature. This week I have really felt the love of the Smooshers and I am so proud to be a member of such a wonderful group.