A yoghurt, a kitty and I

First of all I'd like to apologize for the quality of the pictures. It's not easy taking a picture with an arm extended trying to get a moving cat into focus without being able to look at the display or use both hands.

The following didn't happen today, but it happens everytime I dare to eat yoghurt.

Suddenly a furry girl with large round eyes sits next to me and hypnotizes me. Esme loves yoghurt.
You'll see.

Gee, Mom, that is good. That's organic yoghurt, ain't it?

Mmmmmmm, thanks for leaving so much for me!

I just wish it was easier to get in there with my tongue!

Don't pull away, there is a bit left here at the rim.

It does look empty now, what a shame!

What do you mean, clean my face off?

Oh, all right. Calm down!

P.S. I wish I had caught the cross-eyed look yet that she usually gets when she really concentrates on getting in there. I promise as soon as I have a picture of that, I'll let you know. It's worth it, she is adorable when looking like it.


  1. What a beautiful cat! My cat runs away with my cantelope slices...am always too shocked to take a picture but one of these days!!

  2. She is adorable. My cats both love yogurt too and I never get to eat it by myself.

  3. Your cat is so cute! I never tried giving mine some of my yogurt, buy I eat soy fruit yogurt anyway--but she did like mayonnaise and ham. Lovely pictures!

  4. I love the pictures. Have you ever noticed cat's always drink from the side of the bowl farthest from them, I guess you could say the back of the dish. Thanks for posting these stories of your furry family.

  5. It's so funny you should say because just now I have watched my striped lady drinking from her special bowl and noticed that again!!