April, April, does what it wants

In German the sentence rhymes by the way.
We used it often when we were children and sitting here feeling chilly which doesn't happen often it came to my mind.

We have all been talking a lot about the weather. The long winter still not over in some places, spring, catastrophes, spring, April weather, spring - yes, we all long for it. And can I please have a consistent one?

April doesn't think so. Yesterday we had rain and the neighbor's kitty had to hide underneath my car (just when I wanted to drive off, of course, when else?). Today we have grey sky and no rain, but it's cold.

Thomas Tusser, an English farmer and writer (what a nice combination) in the 16th century said "Sweet April showers do spring May flowers".
And April showers were one of the ideas for the Polymer Clay Smooshers Guild that I am a member of.
Here is my interpretation. Take your own little rain cloud with you. It's not as wet as the ones above ... A polymer clay cloud focal hanging on four strands of sterling silver chain with three small dangling raindrops.
I like it.