Can you say procrastination?

Thursday evening started my vacation time.
I had high hopes to cross things off my to-do list. Since then I tell myself hope dies last.
It's not that I didn't do anything, but none of it had to do with "THE LIST". Have you ever seen a piece of paper glaring?
Actually it's not really a to-do list. It always starts out as one, but then random notes get scattered on it. It doesn't matter, can you see there are not many points crossed off? And just by looking at it, I find more things to add.

I need a serious kick in the butt, but there was none available here at the moment. The cats looked me, looked at each other, said "no comprende" and went back to napping.
But Google is my friend, right? Google search - "kick butt". Aaah yes.

Kick Butt Ideas - a site for kick-butt business ideas. Adding reading to my list? After I pathetically flunked the one book a week challenge? I don't think so.

Kick Butt Coffee - I went through the five fundamentals of specialty coffee and although that was interesting, I doubt it'll help me much as I hardly ever drink coffee.

Kick Butt Productions - a company specializing in inspiring people. Too far away. Ehm, smart move, girl. If you put in English keywords, you might not get results from Germany.

See how much my brain has already deteriorated? I gave up on Google.
Instead I got myself a big cup of chai (the stains on the list are from the last cup I had) and decided to concentrate on the word at the end - organisation!

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LindaN said...

*rofl* I love how you think!