Nothing new, but ...

sometimes I just wonder. I'm talking about Google Analytics and the funniest keywords that led to my Etsy shop the last weeks. Well, not the keywords in themselves are funny, but I have no idea how they are connected to my Etsy!

This list is in order of "What the ... ??" with the most incredible being last (don't want to spoil the surprise!) ;-)

1. blue enamel finish ring - I don't have anything with enamel in my line, but blue and ring makes sense for my shop

2. breastfeeding pendant - I didn't even know what that was! There are enough pendants in my shop, though

3. forging a fibula - sounds interesting, have never done it, but at least it's remotely connected with my line of business

4. dog collar paracord - think that is a market niche for me, crocheting dog collars from paracords? At the moment nothing like it can be found among my pieces

5. burro creek purple metaphysical - that confused me a bit at first until I found out about purple Burro Creek jasper, but sorry pals, not for offer here and certainly not metaphysical

6. Christmas bakery labels - in March?? Doesn't matter, this isn't something I have, not in November, not in March

7. high heel rubber stamps - ??????

8. hanging glass globe terrarium - maybe if it's so small you can use it as a pendant. Nah, not really

9. rubber ducky soaps - I don't even use soapstone to carve rubber duckies, much less soaps!

10. sewing pattern for cell phone - I said it before, I can't sew if my life depended on it

11. twilight doll ooak - never, never, never, never, NEVER!!!!

12. turquoise maxi dress - no comment.

13. vintage typewriter keys - I don't even own a typewriter although I love typewriter sounds for my computer keyboard, but the last one I had used to kill my Firefox. Oops, digressing, sorry.

And the one that surprised me most ... tadaaaa!

14. etsy gave up - huh? On me?? I hope not!!!

Imagine all the people that looked for these keywords and then what they got - was me and my shop. Must have been some serious disappointment. I'm sorry.


  1. Awesome post! You're hilarious!! Especially love #11. twilight doll ooak - never, never, never, never, NEVER!!!!

  2. roflol that's crazy. I'm never disappointed in your shop