Muse sharing

You can share a pizza, cookies, a car, a house - but how about muse sharing?

Yesterday I talked about my own muse. I won't need a poll anymore. The name Mabel was dropped and a Mabel she is now. I don't care if she agrees. Often enough she doesn't care if I agree about her running off and leaving me in a dry spell.

But what kind of muse is she? Is she just good for jewelry making? And an idea for the blog? Or is she the spark of fantasy in my head that leads me to be creative in any field?
Is she to blame if one of my rare cakes doesn't live up to expectations although she made it sound so easy? Is she one providing me with grimaces and bad puns (hopefully good ones, too, from time to time)?
I know she can knit, she can crochet, but only likes to do it with wire, she has fun with beads, if she's in a good mood she can make people laugh, but she can also be very creative at being snarky.
She writes (mostly for herself) and she loves to doodle.

If I share her, could she be the muse just for people who resemble me in style and characteristics, or could she change for them?
I wish she could.

You two people whom I wrote this post for (and to one of them, I know I'm late with the delivery because of a phone call, sorry), could have a piece of my muse anytime ;-)


  1. I should find my own too....Glad you found yours..lol

  2. So wonderful to meet Mabel! May she long be your artistic and life Muse :) Think I have 3 Muses (or one with multiple personalities!!). They sometimes argue and fuss over things and I can't think above the uproar, but when they are cooperating, sheer bliss!