Swap bratty cat for time! ;-)

Ponder is yowling into my left ear which probably means he hated supper or maybe it's an exciting story about a fly he caught today or he is a medium and some ancient soul has been trying to talk through him.
It makes it a little difficult to concentrate and what I need now is concentration and time! You'll wonder why I need that if I just came back from vacation, but somehow I didn't manage to get everything finished I had planned. That may have to do with the fact that I took my time-outs even if there still was laundry (yes, some in the basket that needs folding), if there was a box full of books to list (yes, there are still about 40 and the next box has already been announced) and almost incredible, but true, even if there was an unfinished piece of jewelry!
Ah, wild hunt going on now - black and white/black sounding like little horses. This time black is in front, but I am almost sure roles will be reversed soon.
The last days I came home from work and could tell I wasn't used to the rhythm yet. Getting up early is not really my thing. I hate to go to bed at 8.30 pm because I am tired being a night owl by nature. So I planned to get something done tonight.
BUT - just now a dear friend from school called to say she is in town and if we could meet. Forget about laundry and books, yes yes yes, we can and I can't wait until she'll pick me up! :-D

Of course that means that I have to neglect the other friends again that I wanted to email to, but as with them I have contact more often, I can only hope they'll forgive me. You know I haven't forgotten you, don't you? And also you know who you are (meaning who I am talking about). If you don't, just go ahead and look into the mirror, that could help ;-)
One extra big hug for Ms. Red Nose (her first name is not Rudy and she is not a reindeer which would make communication difficult for us, but she is suffering from a bad sunburn, poor dear) and one to Serbia!

Oh, and by the way, I would never ever give away my yowling miracle cat, but you knew that already, didn't you? ;-)

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