Ready to go - almost

Although the tall guy thought it impossible I would be ready on time with packing and everything, I am. I woke up at 6 without help (ok, the kitties did help a little as usual).
So now comes the time when I don't want to go at all. The cats will be lost without me, I know. Of course my friend moved in like she did innumerous times before, but will she really, really, REALLY be able to handle this gang of brats? Will she know what Gandalf means when he comes up here, sit beside you and does his funny little meows, paired with a desperate look from his one eye? Will she know what to do when Ponder jumps Meff, when Esme conquers the upstairs bathroom or when Greebo does his vacuum impression and doesn't let the others eat?
Will I be able to sleep without kitties dancing and pouncing on top of me?
It's the same every time. I get all mushy and teary, tell them I love them and to behave and the last glance back pushes me over the top. Get out those straight-jackets, I'll be needing more than one!

Think Nessie is gonna pounce me if I take her back to the hotel? *insert X-files theme here*

Oh no, they are already starting to fight! Gotta go down there, now!

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