Playing with my camera and not much else

The last days I have not been very motivated to do anything, may it be around the house, being creative, being communicative. The only thing I was really, really good at was being tired. I don't think I am coming up with anything and I don't want to blame it all on my last days at work (vacation time noooooooow :-D), but it was hard enough to get up.
So may all my contacts forgive me for not receiving any or just short emails, no blog posts, no forum posts, my life was just not exciting enough to write.
All I did was play around with my new camera. Yes, the old one went into deserved retirement. As I was too lazy to read the manual (actually at the moment I can only find the Italian version), I haven't gotten too far yet.

Again - I apologise and hope things will be much better after my trip. Only three more days and we'll be off to Edinburgh. I should master the camera till then because I want to bring pictures of Nessie back!! ;-)

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  1. Edinburgh, yes!!!! You must see their botanical garden and take some shots, you will have plenty of inspiration for your new styles!